How comes you dedicate yourself to sustainable fashion?


I guess one point is my strong sense of justice. I always had it, since childhood. And the other reason why is because I feel that there must be a change NOW. If we don’t react today it might be too late tomorrow. If we continue consuming as we’ve learned how to do it, our resources will fade faster than we think or wish. There are several experts predicting that our resources will be short within the next 30 years. I hope not. But with hoping alone  won’t get us nowhere. So I started my own little revolution from my bed!-)

What else do you do to make  the world a better place, except  being a sustainable fashion activist?


I try to live as conscious as possible. But don’t want to miss out on everything. I reduce my water consumption by turning off the water while shampooing etc. By the way there is a great soap brand called „turn off the water while using me“. I do recycling since I was a child (in Switzerland we all learn this at kindergarden!-) I walk wherever I can  take public tarnsport and only when I need a car I ask my friend to lend it.  I bring my old shopping bags for grocery shopping. I just bought „frui tand veggy bags“ so I don’t need to take plastic bags for my greens all the time. I wash my laundry 30 degrees to avoid micro plastic waste (synthetic fibers are getting in our waters this is  the worst plastic waste we have. Not the plastic bottles in our oceans- They are much easier to be taken out) I clean with oranic cleaning products – there are too many bad chemicals in agressiv cleaning  products.


Why/when did you decide to become an influencer?


Somehow it just happened to me. Before „influencing“ I was a model and I posted my model pics  on instagram. Instagram got more and more important by 2014 in the international model industry. 2014 was the first time someone asked me at a casting how many followers I do have? I had 200 followers!-) and I was quite sad about the new casting requests they made up and was almost about to quit the model industry. But my heart said NO! In 2015 i decided to work more on my account and started to be active on instagram. 2016 I’ve decided to change my direction from being a simple model to be a sustainable fashion activist.  Being a sustainable fashion activist is closing the loop and it finally does give me a feeling of sense. I still do what I love as a model but now I'm doing also good to this planet. I’m sooo glad I found my purpose!-)


Are there only start ups pushing the sustainable fahsion industry by now?


In 2017 it was like that. It was hard to find known fashion brands who are sustainable. Of course there is Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney who always have been leaders for a consciuos an sustainable lifestyle but not 100% sustainable. 2018 I already had the pleasure to work with C&A who launched their #wearthechange collection!-) They have been 5 times in a row largest supplier of organic cotton world wide. I feel there is going to be more to come in the next years! And I’m very much looking forward to it!-)


 What would you do if you wouldn’t work as a sustainable fashion influencer?


I’d work for GWAND. This is an international sustainable fashion Festival in Switzerland. It’s having it’s comeback after 15 years and it is coming back completly sustainable. I do work for and with GWAND already but I’d work even more fort hem if I wouldn’t be an influencer in susatinable fashion and beauty.

3 statements about sustainable fashion


1.  The „normal“ fashion industry“ is  next to the oil industry the       most harmful industry on this planet


2.   One pair of jeans needs around 2000 liter water .


3. Most sustainable in fashion is second hand . Upcycling,  recycling, downcycling is the new NEW.

Karen Fleischmann -„Meatman“, are you vegan?


No I’m not vegan. I tried almost everything within my 33 years in „food lifestyle“... 

Even as „meatman“ I have tried to be vegan for a short period in my life. Sorry it is not working for me!-) Without eating meat I just don't have enough energy to give 100% Karen. I’ve learned that a balanced eating habit is the most important for me. I eat a lot of fruits and veggies , I love cheese and 2-3 times a week i eat meat. I do buy only organic veggies and fruits from the region. When I eat meat it is organic outdoor farming from Switzerland. I want to know where it does come from. For me it ist he most important that the animals had a good life.


What ist the best about social media to you?


It is a great tool for being creative, to communicate with the world and for being your own boss! Before social media you had to be discovered by talent scouts or had to had great network with medias like radio, TV channels, magazines etc. Today we profit of social media very much. Many creative heads are their own bosses now and are free to do whatever they want. For me this ist the best about social media.



What ist he worst about social media?


Wrong pretended messages can cause fear. I don’t like the way some people use this tool to spread out fear.


What is your goal in 2018?


Right now my collaboration partners are  a mix out of sustainable brands and going to be sustainable brands. I wish to work exclusively with sustainable brands. There are so many changes happening right now for the good!-) I’m positive that I can reach my goal in 2019.