about bcozwecare

bcozwecare was founded in february 2017. It startet with a simple instagram account instagram.com/bcozwecare/. I wanted to connect likeminded people and brands with sustainable products as I felt it was time to make a change and make people aware of sustainability. At that time there were so many young creative visionaries spread all over the world. But mostly they were soldiers on their own. People who wanted to change the world. The ones who started on their own with what they already had and owned. I knew that if you wanted to change the world you can do it but not on your own. It was time to get all these people together and spread the message out loud. "We went too far and need to step back". A conscious awakening was the call! A half a year later in September 2017  I did recognize that ethical designers, beauticians etc. contacted me directly to promote their products. There obviously was a demand of an authentic distributer. 

about karen

Hi, I'm Karen.

I was born in Switzerland in 1984. A time and a place where we had the privilege to breathe best quality air, drink fresh and free fountain water, run in the fields and make the farmers angry, swim in fresh water lakes and where time was not only money.

I startet to model in my early twenties and today I'm also an influencer and brand ambassador for sustainable brands. 


In 2016 I invested my free time to connect with sustainable designers and promote sustainable fashion on my social media accounts. Faster, higher and more has achieved its peek.  I felt it was time to make a change in the fashion industry.