08. October 2018
IMPROVING THE WORLD… … one product at a time. We’re driven by the hope of a cleaner environment and make sure we give back to the planet and those who occupy it.
30. September 2018
"I always wanted to be a model but quickly I realized that modeling is very repetitive. I started experiencing a certain emptiness."
16. August 2018
C&A launched most sustainable jeans in history on August 16, 2018. Cradle to cradle is the new GOLD !!!
10. July 2018
Plastic is no longer just a threat to our seas but a reality that is becoming clearer by the day. Inspired by dreams and shot elegantly by the young director Marco Prestini, this film aims to outline a surreal but tragically plausible scenario: a sea full of plastic waste, dramatically ignored by the characters. The time has come to change things, starting with our daily habits. There is still time to act but we need to do it right now. Together.
06. July 2018
50% from all our sold items will be donated to a humanitarian project. All items are unique and carefully produced by sustainable and ethical brands from all over the world.
05. July 2018
Hospitality, modernity, sustainability, natural beauty and well-being are the basis of Il Castelfalfi - TUI BLUE SELECTION experience.
05. April 2018
When did YOU last time take the plunge? Let us dive in to Marie Jo's swim wear launch at the Zuiver SPA in Amsterdam...
20. March 2018
MARIE JO belongs to Van de Velde group. Vand de Velde pursues a sustainable, open, socially and ethically responsible policy, based on responsibility, dialogue and mutual respect. We want to become stronger in the long term. "Our sustainable growth will not be compromised by short-term gains."
12. March 2018
Hi there! Finally I've managed to get my QA together. As I did get so many messages with questions about me and a sustainable lifestyle please read my QA here in my blog xxx Thank you for your interest <3 Much love K
08. February 2018
Ciao bella 🇮🇹 benvenuti a Milano 💚♥️ Today i‘m wearing a complete outfit from C&A . #WearTheChange is my message. Be aware of what you wear! My lovely red leather jacket is 💯% chrome free✔️ my sweater is made of #organiccotton and so are my #canda jeans. Thank you C&A for making sustainable fashion understood. #ad #WearTheChange #chromefree #organiccotton #sustainablefashion #sociallyresponsible #wearfair #sustainablemodel #ethicalfashion

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