H&M burns tons of clothes

is H&M conscious or                           not  so conscious?

a chat with h&M or                            how it could be...

"H&M burns tons of clothes". Are you shocked?  I was when I have heard it

the first time. But after thinking about it I'm not surprised at all anymore. 


bcozwecare: Dear H&M how many collections do you produce per year?


bcozwecare: 24 collections. Wooowwww that's a lot!!! For what?   

H&M: "For better sells". 

bcozwecare: Aaahh... And what do you do with the clothes you don't sell?

H&M: "We have to burn them so we keep our value."

bcozweare: I understand. 


What do you think? Could this be a quite transparent chat

between me and H&M or absolutely not?


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