GOOD NEWS for you!-) you get 30% off the regular price and 30% from all our sold items will be donated to a humanitarian project. All items are unique and carefully produced by sustainable and ethical brands from all over the world.

Dear all welcome to bcozwecare "shopping for good" . Once more I've decided that less is more. The past 5 years I've had the great pleasure to collaborate with many amazing, inspiring and sustainable brands from all over the world. Many ethically and fair produced products have been sent to me to promote them on my social media accounts. I'm truly happy, grateful and I appreciate every single contact and collaboration between all of you. THANK YOU ALL for your trust, sending me your sustainable products and for being the change. The past weeks I was thinking of what my next step is going to be... I've decided to resell all the beautiful presents you beautiful people have sent to me. Yes, less is more. And I don't want to move in a bigger home to store all my beautiful presents. Letting go of materials makes me feel so much lighter!-) I want that other people can profit out of our collaborations. "shopping for good" is selling all products to a very fair and well discounted price. All products and brands you find here in the shop I do truly love and adore. The garments have been used for single shootings and then have been stored at home. Myself I have one body, two eyes, two legs, two feet, two hands, one head... No way can I wear and use all these items and products all by myself! Please understand that this is not an act of ingratitude it is a next step to close the loop. 30% of all sold items will be donated to a humanitarian project. THANK YOU ALL for your understanding and for supporting "shopping for good".